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United by the same values

On our way to do better things for a better sustainable world, we find key partners who, united by the same values, propose our designs on their stores to their clients who demand quality and sustainability.

We understand that each store has a different nature, that is why we provide a detailed production for each store, being able to select suitable types of fabrics, colors and cuts, as well as we develop from zero personalized ideas of sustainable products that our allies may require to their business, always reserving our high standards of sustainability and quality.

TRE’s designs are currently exhibited in stores in Barcelona, ​​Montpellier, Milan, London and Munich. Our mission in this sector is to join forces and key alliances that make us grow together for the same cause, improving the social and environmental crisis.

If you want to join us and work together, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to hear your ideas and place your order that best suits your needs.

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