Meet ECOmeter, our very own measurement tool

ECOmeter is a tool developed and designed by TRE that helps us determine the ecological footprint associated with a particular piece. Based on the materials and processes used during the design phases, TRE can calculate the level of sustainability for each garment you choose to purchase, with complete transparency.

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Because sustainability cannot exist without social responsibility

At TRE, we understand that our suppliers and workers are the foundation of our business and without them, we would not exist. This is why we are committed to working with suppliers that operate with fair trade practices and strong social programs for their workers. We do our best to also ensure that anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in our production receives fair compensation and benefits.

Responsible Consumption Guidelines

Choose wisely

Choose ecological products that were created respecting the environment

Care about people

Choose products from socially responsible companies

Be responsible

Consume only what you need and, before buying, consider exchanging, reusing or repairing

Act locally

Consume as local as possible

Think about the cycle

Consider the product durability and its life cycle

Less is more

Choose quality over quantity