About Tre

Our story deserves to be told

TRE’s history began with a Venezuelan designer’s dream. She was inspired by the delicate and high-quality pieces originating from Italian High Fashion and from her worldwide travels.

Through her journey, she discovered her passion and life’s purpose: to create an ethical and sustainable brand that directly impacts the current environmental and social crisis. Named after Oriana Tre, the company’s founder studied and received her degree in Fashion, specializing in Italian Haute Couture in Rome, Italy.

On her quest for inspiration, she later moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2015. After acquiring an old sewing machine and the help of a local dressmaker, Oriana started designing the first TRE collection.

After working a while in the fashion industry, Oriana began to see the disparity between her love of High Fashion and her ideals for a sustainable and socially responsible way of life. On one hand, she saw an indulgent, lavish and over-the-top industry that thrives on the wealthy avant-garde driven by consumerism. While on the other hand she saw inhumane business practices, human rights violations, and an Earth suffering from the mass production of unsustainable materials.

It was at this moment that Oriana made a commitment to create loveable designs with sustainability in mind.

In 2019, TRE was established in the multicultural city of Barcelona, Spain. As the brand began to evolve and develop, Oriana’s resolve began to solidify: to create an ethical and sustainable brand that directly impacts the current environmental and social crisis.

It was around this time that Ana Hernandez, a mechanical engineer, was working with various companies in the renewable energy sector, when she became inspired to become involved in generating ecological solutions in other industries.

Her experience would later equip Ana with powerful knowledge and tools to help create the structure of TRE and its official launch as a consolidated brand.

The paths of those who are destined to meet will always converge. In 2021, childhood friends, Oriana and Ana, combined their specialized knowledge and skills together into building TRE. Each partner brings to the brand a unique perspective and experience in each of their individual fields to produce a brand promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility.



Our Promoters

Oriana Tre - Creative Director

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Oriana has from a young age, always been inspired by the elegance she sees in the women of her country. When she turned 18, she moved to Rome to get a degree in Italian Haute Couture Design at the Accademia D’Alta Moda Koefia. Here, Oriana learned how to create high-quality designs starting from the initial sketches, to pattern making, tailoring, until achieving the final product.

Currently, Oriana is the Creative Director of TRE, devoting her time and energy into building and promoting her sustainable brand.

Ana Hernández - Operations Director

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Ana was influenced by her father who was an engineer. She knew from a young age that it was her destiny to follow the same path. Ana got a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 at the Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela and later moved to Madrid, Spain where she settled for a few years. With the help of new emerging companies in the renewable energy sector, Ana gained experience in the technical and administrative fields, becoming involved in product design and various development projects in the industrial and sustainable energy sectors. During this time, Ana decided that she wanted to become involved in projects that could generate positive impacts on the environment and on society as a whole. Ana became passionate and motivated to use her expertise in order to fulfill her goal.

Ana is now the Operations Director of TRE, where she takes care of the company’s
administrative duties, project management, and financing.

Our Values


Righteousness and honesty are what we aspire to uphold. To realize our mission, these facets are our duty and our commitment.

Design and quality

We create pieces with the highest standards of quality and functionality by developing our own patterns that highlight our traditions and a unique approach that allow us to showcase our personalities.


We prioritize the well-being of the environment and the viable use of its resources in all our processes. The Earth is a generous, yet limited resource, which is why we must take care to protect and conserve as much as we can.


We work endlessly to share and promote sustainability to anyone we can as it is our responsibility as citizens of the world. The decisions we make will be governed by our understanding of our actions and its consequences.

Social responsability

Advocating for the wellbeing of our society is our duty. We believe in fair labor and understand that respecting and protecting worker’s rights will move the world towards equality.


We understand the family as the soul and origins that make up an individual’s core education and values. By raising awareness regarding responsible consumerism to future generations, we can create drastic positive impacts.


We are not afraid to show you who we are and what we stand for! We want to be a brand that consumers can trust; a brand that, without a doubt, has their best interests in mind. We will do whatever it takes to maintain this promise to you.


Our passion and tenacity are what distinguishes us from the rest. We do not believe in “good enough” – once we determine a goal, we will do our best to achieve it as best we can to its fullest completion.